About us

Our highly qualified group knows how to help you in any financial situation. Come in or email us today and let us help with your financial decisions.

Our office is located in the city center of Lewisburg, WV on the corner of Jefferson and Foster Streets

  • Individual Services
    Estate Planning/Management, Financial Planning
  • Non-Profit Services
    IRS Return Preparation, Audits, Donation Management

  • Business Services
    Quickbooks Training, Peachtree Training, Business Planning, Cashflow Projections, Compliance Reviews, Business Audits, Payroll, IRS Filings

  • Tax Preparation
    Business Tax Preparation, E-File Returns
  • Tax Resolution
    IRS Liens, Levies & Garnishments, Late Filings, Delinquent Taxes, IRS Seizures, Back Taxes

Lawrence Ickes, CPA